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Welcome to the Valcour Sailing Club

In the spring of 1966, Valcour Sailing Club was launched out of the desire for organized racing on a regularly scheduled basis. At that time, racing was limited to weekends, one week the race was on Saturday, the second week, the race was on Sunday. As the years passed, so has the scope of organized racing. VSC now provides organized racing for two weekday series- Tuesday evening Soling races and Thursday evening PHRF races - as well as weekend Soling and PHRF Races.

Ed Tromblay

Daniel Inhelder

Kjell Dahlen

Don Duley

Brian Dowling

Cinthia Audet

Valcour Sailing Club | P.O. Box 1362 | Plattsburgh, NY 12901

VSC News

VSC annual meeting and election of officers

The VSC annual meeting and election of officers will be held October 15 at 6 PM at Eye Care for the Adirondacks, 450 Margaret St., Plattsburgh

Minutes of VSC board meeting

3rd Soling Party - 8/26/14

Thanks to Guy we have already had 2 Soling after parties. This week Barb Dumas at the arm twisting of the J24 crew of Noah and myself will be sponsoring the 3 Soling after party at Kathleen’s house. (Thanks Kathleen). We will provide the meal and some beverages but please bring more beverages of your choice.

Spread the word to your crews. We will expect all 6 soling crews to be there but if you can’t make it please let us know so we don’t over prepare. The PHRF boats are invited but please let us know your numbers if you plan to hang out with us slower soling crowd as we will most likely still be pulling boats after you are already to get in your cars. But it is fine if you show up a little early as we will send someone over to open up if Kathleen is not home yet.


Lake Champlain Soling Championship Regatta

Sunday September 7, 2014
Start 11:00, 5 races
Peter Hall will host a party following the races at Kathleen Camelo’s house off Cumberland Ave.

Schedule change

Due to Committee Boat issues the PHRF weekday series races will be held on Tuesdays with start at 545, beginning August 19

Soling 11

VSC By-Laws have been posted

Minutes of Board Meeting

Soling 10 results

Kent De Lord 2014 results

2014_07_28 - Board meeting minutes

Protest Room

Race OD

Valcour Sailing Club Race Committee has made OD assignments for the following races

Race OD

July 29, Soling 9 Kjell Dahlen

August 5, Soling 10 Ed Trombley/Brian Dowling

August 12, Soling 11 Tim Mc Cormick

August 19, Soling 12 Don Duley

August 26, Soling 13 Roger Bragg

September 2, Soling 14 Marty Sable

September 6, Isle St Michel Mike Parsons/Mark Stata

September 9, Soling 15 Gary Ziemer

September 16, Soling 16 Don Duley

VSC Redress meetings

There will be Valcour Sailing Club redress meetings held Tuesday ,August 5 immediately after the Soling 10 race, at the boat Ajax, at City Dock, Plattsburgh.

1) SeaCan requests reopening of Souvenir’s redress for the Gorman Cup
2) Witchcraft requests redress for the Kent DeLord race
3) USA 835 requests redress for the Soling 6 race

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